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Ezentric no hassle no fuzz

A professional IoT solution to kickstart your connected business.

IoT made simple

You bring the asset to be connected. Whether it’s a heavy duty truck or a small sensor, we can connect it to the cloud. With our SaaS business model you can start small and grow as you connect more assets. You pay for the number of devices and don’t have to worry about upfront costs.

Integration help

No customer use case is exactly the same. Ezentric has been optimized to bring end user value as fast as possible. With its module based approach we can quickly realize your use cases.

We love to work tightly and agile together with our customers. You as a customer have full control of the prioritization and delivery. Work is done by our DevOp teams as open book development.

Ready for production

Ezentric is fantastic for rapid prototyping but it is architectured and built for production with quality. We are proud about the service that we deliver 24-7 to our customers.

The platform scales with both the number of connected devices and number of users so no need to worry about performance.


Software OTA

Let us help in delivering the latest and greatest features to your assets. Both throughout development, testing but also in production.

Hardware agnostic

Use your already existing telematics hardware, choose your own or utilize one from our preferred hardware partners.


2-wheeler platform

Utilize our packaging for bikes and scooters to boozt your customer experience.

Asset sharing

Sharing is vital for the sustainable revolution. Ezentric has you covered and is used to share cars on a daily basis.

Web and apps

To create an experience with your branding and use cases is a breeze. We have experience in building portals both for the web and for mobile apps (native or multi-platform). We can kickstart your application with our pre-built modules.

Open API

Extend the platform, analyze your data
or create your own application.
All this made possible through our open API.

Reference cases


Powered by Swedspot

Ezentric is built and hosted by Swedspot with decades of experience in building high quality software for the automotive industry. With DevOps teams already up and running, development of your new use case is not further away than our next sprint. Situated on the west coast of Sweden we are right in the heart of the Swedish automotive industry.

Ready to take the next step and work together?