Did you know that if the car was to recommend service location 58 %, according to a survey performed in Germany, US, Brazil and China, would obey and follow the recommendation. Take action!

How it works


The Ezentric platform is built for companies that want to kick start their connected vehicle business. By enabling data collection from vehicles of all makes, the platform can help your business supply endless of applications directly to your customer.

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  • Ezentric is built with the latest technologies and scales as the number of connected vehicles grow.
  • With a strong partnership with one of the world leading diagnostics providers, Ezentric has the ability to perform deep diagnostics on all-makes unleashing data for you to build services on.*
  • Ezentric is hardware agnostic and is built to easily adapt to new sources of data.
  • Ezentric is provided through the concept of software as a service, meaning Ezentric handles all hosting and development of the platform so you can focus on your core competences.
*Depending on model and make, different vehicle signals can be provided. The number of signals and vehicle coverage are constantly increasing.

White Label

The platform is easily adaptable to fit your needs. Use our off-the-shelf application with your branding and get a head start of your competitors.

  • All user interfaces can be branded according to your design guidelines.
  • All data collected in the platform is owned by you as a distributor (and vehicle owners).
  • White label iOS, Android and Web Applications can be customized and modified to fit your use cases.
  • Open APIs are available for you to build your own services and extend the platform.

Open Innovation

Ezentric is built for for generating a large quantity of connected vehicles and to that a vibrant ecosystem. With distributors targeting their users, a wide arrange of service providers can also serve their users. Everything from insurance providers, workshops, petrol stations, and assistance services. Open Innovation mean that all partners in the ecosystem come together to create both volume and new services. The platform is built to generate kickbacks to all partners within the network creating a win-win situation.

Already Available

All benefits of Ezentric is already available. By using telematics hardware connected to the vehicle diagnostic port all petrol cars from 2001 and diesel cars from 2004 are supported. In many cases with deep data. This data includes position (always), odometer, fuel level, faults and warnings within the vehicle and service indications, and much more.






Multiple platform partners are already onboard. Workshops that get a closer relationship to their customers. Gas stations who can send offers to new and existing customers. How can you get closer to your customer? How can you create value for car users all over the world? You set the limits, Ezentric is the platform to build it upon.

Try it

Order off the shelf Ezentric devices and give it a spin with the white label app.

Pilot it

Setup a pilot with your internal cars, integrate it into your system and test.

Release it

Connect with your customers and build your new business.

Joakim Lundvall

Head of New Business & Innovation

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