Ezentric can offer a whole new level of customer service. Get a clear overview of all of your customers’ cars and their health status. Help your customer to a convenient and trouble-free car ownership through the possibilities provided by a connected car; personalized customer contact, remote diagnostics and proactive actions.

  • Remote diagnostics
  • Proactive actions
  • Customer comfort

Telecom and Wireless Carriers

Ezentric act as a bridge for you as a telecom provider to create an even stronger connection to your customers by using our platform to provide more services. With Wifi-hotspot installed in the car collaborate with firms supplying audiobooks or music services. Further you have the ability to build an ecosystem of automatic parking, workshops, gas stations etc.

  • Get to know your customer
  • Targeted campaigns
  • Closer relationship and higher retention rates

Car Rental Agencies

Update your managers and employees with the latest information letting them take the right decisions in their daily activities. How about providing information such as fuel level, diagnostic faults and geofence positions of all vehicles in your fleet. Add up with services to customers as pay-as-you drive insurance based on driving behaviour, parking fees integrated your invoice, and fuel refills included in the rental with partner gas stations.

  • Get control of your fleet
  • Get better internal efficiency
  • Offer extra services to your customers

Insurance Industry

Offer pay-as-you drive insurances integrated with your other services. Ezentric collect all data needed to understand your customer’s driving behaviour. Integrate services such as roadside assistance or a workshop chat if you customers car break down.

  • Offer new services to your customers
  • Get a closer relationship with your customers
  • Be part of creating a safer society

Aftermarket Car Dealerships

Stay connected with your customer after the deal is closed. With information about your customers' cars you have the possibility to work with proactive maintenance and get a closer relationship with you customers. Further you have the possibility to be part of an ecosystem which enable new services which can enhance your customer satisfaction.

  • Get closer to your customer
  • Work with proactive maintenance 
  • Offer extra services to your customers

Automotive and OEM

With a hardware agnostic platform, car data can be interpreted direct in to Ezentric letting you build extra services for your customers, as well as letting third party services connect to them. With great experience of developing infotainment systems and solutions to the automotive industry we are eager to develop a connected platform for you.